Welcome to EVIL Inc., Earth’s most profitable energy company and leader in technology only conceived in movies. We take great pride in our recent annex of the United States and the United Kingdom, and as Evil Inc. reinstates our new global economy, we promise life will return to what we consider normal, and our vision of the world will be for the better! Ever want to own a personal robot? They’re being shipped out daily. Interested in cheap geothermal? Sign up today. Or how about soaring through the air in one of our new glide suits? Join the team and become one of our most trusted soldiers, but hurry, all the best nicknames are going fast, and we can’t have duplicates! Join Environment Ventures & Ideas Limited, today!

why being evil - Eugene White

Why Being Evil

Being Evil is a cartoon comedy, centered around Evil Inc., a company which has just recently laid claim to all of the free world. It’s founder & CEO Eugene White has big plans as new world ruler, but sadly, he’s first tediously tasked with cleaning up after the little people he rules. And some of those little people, like a trigger-happy former POTUS, want his head on a stick. Along with his juvenile minded clone, Mickey and his sexy R&D expert Lilian Phoenix, Eugene must put aside playtime and battle it out with the old guard to preserve his empire. Which is its own kind of fun. All in all, for the corporate overlords at Environmental Ventures and Ideas, Limited, life isn’t perfect but it’s pretty great BEING EVIL.


Ryan Shelor

Ryan Shelor - Series Creator

Series creator Ryan Shelor is a writer, gamer, geek and karate black belt. Born in Phoenix, AZ he now resides in Atlanta, GA where the idea of Being Evil was created back in 2009.

John Sanders

John Sanders - Series Producer

John Sanders has worked in “The Business” for nearly 30 years starting originally on “Little Monsters” to “Tombstone” and is now most well known as the Prop Master on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

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